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Statement on the Assassination of U Ko Ni

February 2nd, 2017  •  Author:   Arakan National Council  •  1 minute read

We, Arakan National Council, believe that behind the assassination of U Ko Ni, who is the Lawyer at Burmese Supreme Court and Legal Advisor to the National League for Democracy, are

(1)   those who desire to disturb the NLD’s programs regarding its election promises:

(a) national reconciliation,

(b) domestic peace,

(c) rule of law and

(d) constitutional reform;

(2)   those who are not willing to accept democratic transition and the formation of a federal democratic union based on national equality and self-determination;

(3)   those who are eager to divert political attention to racial and religious riots at the expense of peace and development;

(4)   those who wish to maintain illegal power at hands by instilling fear in the public through proxy mafias such as pocket guards and violent gangs.

During the democratic transition, the loss of U Ko Ni, who is serving the public, is a momentous loss to the whole country.

The ANC critically condemns that gang of hoodlums which masterminded the assassination. We also honor and acknowledge U Nay Win and other responsible citizens, who at the risk of their life seized the Murder Gang member, U Kyi Lin, as low-profile heroes.