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“From Genuine Peace Negotiation, Toward Federal Union”

September 21st, 2016  •  Author:   Women's League of Burma  •  3 minute read

We, the Women’s League of Burma (WLB), on the occasion of the International Day of Peace on September 21st, send our wishes to the ethnic people of Burma to be healthy and happy. The Day of Peace has been observed within the United Nations since 1981 and September 21st was approved as the International Day of Peace with the UN resolution 55/282 in 2001. Following this, every year the International Day of Peace is observed in Burma and all over the world in many different ways.

On this day most nations around the world prioritize peace and prosperity .In line with this,the government of Burma has also held theUnion Peace Conference(UPC) 21st CenturyPanglong Conference to continue the implementation of the peace process in Burma.

While the government is expending efforts to achieve genuine and long-lasting peace, the Burma Army(Tatmadaw) has continued to reinforce its troops,launch offensives in ethnic areas and systematically abuse human rights. These military offensives and human rights
violations undermine mutual respect and trust among the parties and has prompted greater challenges for national reconciliation.

Based on the proceedings of the Union Peace Conference, which did not allow all ethnic armed organizations to attend, permitted very few women representatives to be involved
in the political dialogue, and lackedgeneral participation from Civil Society Organizations, we remain concerned that a just society and sustainable peace are still along way off.

We, the WLB, strongly believe that only the establishment of a federal democracy union which guarantees equality andself-determination will bring genuine and sustainable peace in our country. In order to achieve our goal for long lasting peace, asaninitial step, theTatmadaw must end its offensive military operations in ethnic areas, particularly in KachinState and ShanState,as well as withdraw its troops and battalions from ethnic areas. In addition, participation in the peace process must be all-inclusive, including women’s participation asatop priorityfor allfuturepoliticaldialogues.

The government must fully respect and promote the norms and values of peace as defined by the United Nations, this includes; human rights and fundamental freedom, gender equality, opportunities and freedom of speech, all the while, building along lasting peace. The Union Peace Conference is the first step on the path towards achieving genuine and long lasting peace for Burma.

Therefore,on theoccasion oftheInternationalDayofPeace,we,WLB calls forthegovernment ofBurmaandallstakeholdersto—

1. Review the ratio of representations in the framework for political dialogue and ensure the representation basedon the principle of ethnic equality;

2. Ensure a minimum of 30 percent of women’s participation in all parties involved in political dialogues;

3. Adopt a principle of gender sensitivity that would consistently respectand include the role of gender in the consideration of all issues at all stages of the peace processes;

4.Allow Civil Society Organizations, especially, organizations that are from conflict area stop articipate in the peace processes;

5. End troop reinforcements and military offensive operations in the ethnic areas immediately, andwithdraw existingtroopsandbattalionsfromethnicareas;

6. Stop all forms of human rights violations targeting civilian populations, including sexual violence against women and girls immediately; and

7. Suspend, formally, all mega investments especially in infrastructure and extractive natural resource projects in ethnic areas.


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