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Progressive Voice was born out of the work of Burma Partnership and formally established in October 2016. Comprehensive resources on the situation of human rights in Myanmar prior to the establishment of Progressive Voice can still be found on Burma Partnership’s website at

၂၀၁၆ ခုႏွစ္ ေအာက္တိုဘာလတြင္ ျမန္မာ့အေရးပူးေပါင္းေဆာင္ရြက္သူမ်ားအဖြဲ႔မွ ေရွ႕ေျပးအသံအဖြဲ႔သို႔ ေျပာင္းလဲဖြဲ႔စည္းခဲ့သည္။ ထိုေျပာင္းလဲဖြဲ႔စည္းျခင္းမတိုင္မီ ျမန္မာႏုိင္ငံလူ႔အခြင့္အေရး အေျခအေနႏွင့္ပတ္သက္သည့္ အခ်က္အလက္မ်ားကုိ ျမန္မာ့အေရးပူးေပါင္းေဆာင္ရြက္သူမ်ားအဖဲြ႔၏ ၀က္ဆုိဒ္  တြင္ ရယူႏုိင္ပါသည္။

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April 27, 2017 • Author: Fortify Rights

Myanmar: Cooperate with U.N. Fact-Finding Mission

(Yangon, April 27, 2017)—The Government of Myanmar should “fully cooperate” with a forthcoming United Nations Fact-Finding Mission into the human rights situation in at least Rakhine, Kachin, and Shan states, Fortify Rights said today in an open letter with 22 other in... Read more ►

April 27, 2017 • Author: Burma Human Rights Network

Burma Human Rights Network and 22 Organizations Call on The International Community to Pressure Myanmar to Give Full Access to UN-Mandated Fact Finding Mission

27th April 2017, London, UK – The Burma Human Rights Network and 22 Organizations and Individuals have released an open letter calling upon The United States, United Kingdom, and the member states of the European Union, Association of Southeast Asian Nations, and the Organ... Read more ►

April 26, 2017 • Author: ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights

As ASEAN Summit begins, MPs call on leaders to tackle region’s most pressing challenges

MANILA, 26 April 2017 — Heads of state and government attending the 30th ASEAN Summit in Manila this week should tackle critical regional challenges head-on and not shy away from difficult questions, including those related to the state of human rights and democracy, ASEAN... Read more ►

April 25, 2017 • Author: Burmese Women's Union

Abuses Implicate Multinational Corporations in Myanmar Garment Sector

The Burmese Women’s Union today released a briefing paper and film, “Forgotten Voices Behind the Reform”, highlighting abuses of women workers in supply chains used by multinational corporations sourcing garments in Burma. The briefing paper and film document physical ... Read more ►

April 25, 2017 • Author: Burma Campaign UK

Germany & Austria Host War Criminal Min Aung Hlaing

Burma Campaign UK today condemned the governments of Germany and Austria for inviting Min Aung Hlaing, head of the Burmese military, to visit their countries this week. Earlier this year, the United Nations reported how Min Aung Hlaing’s soldiers had raped ethnic Rohin... Read more ►

April 10, 2017 • Author: All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress

လံုျခံဳေရးတပ္ဖြဲ႕ဝင္မ်ားနွင့္ရပ္ကြက္အုပ္ခ်ဳပ္ေရးမွဴးတို႕မွ ရခိုင္အရပ္သားအား အေသပစ္ခတ္ျခင္းအေပၚခ်က္ျခင္း အေရးယူေဆာင္ရြက္ေပးပါရန္

ရခုိင္ျပည္၊ စစ္ေတြခရုုိင္၊ အႀကၤားခ်ဳိင္ကၽြန္းရွိ နတ္ရွင္ေက်းရြာတြင္ ၂၀၁၇ ခုႏွစ္ ဧၿပီလ (၃)ရက္ေန႔နံ... Read more ►

April 10, 2017 • Author: All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress

Myanmar : Immediately Take Action Against the Security Forces and Village Administrator for Shooting Arakanese Man Dead

All Arakan Students’ and Youths’ Congress (AASYC) seriously condemns the arbitrary shooting by Myanmar security forces of an Arakanese civilian U Won Htay (aka) Maung Fru Daung aged 28, which took place at around 10:15 AM on Monday 3 April, 2017, in the village of Nat Hr... Read more ►

April 9, 2017 • Author: Ethnic Armed Organizations

တုိင္းရင္းသားလက္နက္ကုိင္ေတာ္လွန္ေရးအဖြဲ႔အစည္းမ်ား၏ ထိပ္သီးေခါင္းေဆာင္မ်ားအစည္းအေ၀း ထုတ္ျပန္ေၾကညာခ်က္

၁။ တုိင္းရင္းသားလက္နက္ကုိင္ေတာ္လွန္ေရးအဖြဲ႔အစည္းမ်ား၏ ထိပ္သီးေခါင္းေဆာင္မ်ားအစည္းအေ၀းတစ္ရပ္ကု... Read more ►

April 3, 2017 • Author: ASEAN Parliamentarians for Human Rights

Regional Parliamentarians Concerned About Reported Deaths in Malaysian Immigration Detention Facilities

Parliamentarians from across Southeast Asia today expressed deep concern at reports of more than 100 deaths in Malaysia’s immigration detention centers in the past two years, and called for coordinated regional action to protect migrants, refugees, and asylum seekers in Ma... Read more ►

April 1, 2017 • Author: ACT Alliance

People Will Suffer If Only Investors’ Concerns are Considered

The European Union (EU) and Myanmar have entered the final negotiations on an Investment Protection Agreement. The agreement aims to promote EU investment in Myanmar, investment intended to bring foreign capital, employment, new technologies, skills and know-how to the count... Read more ►

March 24, 2017 • Author: FORUM-ASIA, Progressive Voice, Kachin Women's Association Thailand, Women Peace Network Arakan, Ta'ang Women's Organization

UN Human Rights Council Decides to Urgently Dispatch an International Fact Finding Mission to Burma/Myanmar

Today, in a landmark decision, the UN Human Rights Council passed a resolution to urgently dispatch an international fact finding mission to look into gross human rights violations in Burma/Myanmar. This comes after numerous calls by UN experts and civil society for an Inter... Read more ►

March 24, 2017 • Author: Amnesty International

Myanmar: Fact-finding Mission Welcome, Urgently Needed, Overdue

An internationally mandated fact-finding mission to look at human rights violations in Myanmar is welcome, urgently needed and long overdue, Amnesty International said today. “The announcement of an independent international fact-finding mission to look into human rights v... Read more ►

March 24, 2017 • Author: Fortify Rights

Myanmar: U.N. Orders Vital Inquiry into Severe Rights Violations

Accountability Needed for Gross Violations in Rakhine, Kachin, and Shan States After weeks of negotiations, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a landmark resolution today ordering an independent, international fact-finding mission into allegations of human rights... Read more ►

March 24, 2017 • Author: Christian Solidarity Worldwide

Burma: UN Establishes Human Rights Investigation in Rakhine State

Christian Solidarity Worldwide (CSW) welcomes today’s landmark resolution on human rights in Burma (Myanmar) by the United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC), which establishes an independent international fact-finding mission to investigate alleged human rights violations... Read more ►

March 23, 2017 • Author: Human Rights Foundation of Monland (HURFOM) and Women and Child Rights Project

Cracks in the Silence: Sexual Violence Against Children and Challenges to Accessing Justice in Mon State and Mon Areas of Southeast Burma

Today HURFOM’s Women and Child Rights Project (WCRP) releases their latest report, “Cracks in the Silence: Sexual violence against children and challenges to accessing justice in Mon State and Mon areas of southeast Burma.” Since 2013, the number of reported cases of v... Read more ►